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Rampart County Regional Dispatch Center is a private dispatch center providing contracted dispatching and radio service to Public Safety agencies in 2 States and growing. We can Service any Public Safety, Process Servers, Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, Hospice Organizations, and Private Security.

We Offer Full Digital Project 28 Series Radios 1024 bit RSA for authentication, digital signatures and secure media session keys exchange, with AES 256 bit Encryption Push To Talk Service, Over The 4/5G LTE Cellular Networks .


The all in one solution for private security, hospitals, hospitality, hospice, nursing facilities, special event industry, public safety, and disaster operations. Seamlessly streamline incident reporting, and cad-computer aided dispatch system, with a 24/7 dispatching service that can keep you connected between you and your staff or clients 24/7. 


Rampart County Fire Regional Dispatch Systems roams on 500,000 towers as of December 2023. Coverage you simply can't get with any other platform.

No other PoC, RoIP or PTT product has the range and flexibility of Rampart County Regional Dispatch System. The Full Digital Project 28 Platform is full digital and has more encryption then any conventional radio system with even more flexibility than your conventional radio system. Our System is also the only Push To Talk Platform that has Digital Trunking Logic Systems that change networks or towers automatically across all networking partners for Public Safety clients.

With other platforms, your DTLS is limited to either AT&T FirstNET, Verizon's Frontline, or T-Mobile's FirstResponse network with no ability to roam or connect to satellite communications networks in the event of a network outage. We also are the only platform that can deploy its own off grid communications network so you always have a way to stay connected with who matters.

With Rampart County Regional Dispatch Systems your radio has access to almost every LTE network across the world. 

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